To succeed in this course, you must have access to a computer, high-speed, reliable internet. All coursework, including timed exams, will take place online. We will use two Learning Management Systems in NEU 300: D2L, and Microsoft Class Teams.


As your read through the syllabus, you will encounter a number of tech terms that may not (yet) be familiar to you. Words like Channel and Tab refer to specific places in the Class Team. Don’t get concerned if this seems like a lot to take in right off the bat!We will use the beginning of the semester to get used to navigating the course. There are How To documents once you get into the class. You can start by reviewing the Technology Terminology page on the digital syllabus. No one is going to lose points because they are struggling with the technology. I am very excited about the Class Teams setup, and I think it provides an active and engaging learning space for our course!

Desire 2 Learn (D2L)

Screenshot of D2L homepage; decorative image.

D2L will be used for the following course components:

  • Gradebook
  • Discussion Forums
  • Exams

RECOMMENDATION: Forward your D2L email to your MSU Account

Microsoft Class Teams

Microsoft Class Teams is a tool that is a part of the Office 365 suite of apps made available to all MSU students, staff, and faculty. 

Class Teams will be used for the following course components:

  • Scheduling and organizing of assignments (Problem Sets, Learning Reflections, Synthesis Question Revisions)
  • Distribution of all handouts (Learning Objectives, Case Studies, Synthesis Questions)
  • Review videos and web lessons
  • Collaborative chat space with classmates
  • Private chat with me 

All announcements, updates, and other information will be shared through the General Channel in Class Teams. It is recommended that students review their notification settings to make sure announcements are not missed. The mobile app does a great job of alerting when there are new posts! For assignments, each student gets their own copy of the document.

Technical Assistance

The first week will be learning how to navigate. I do not expect anyone to be an expert in these technologies! You will learn and succeed in the course!

If you need technical assistance at any time during the course or to report a problem, you can: