Grading Policy

Graded Course Activities

Assignment Points Possible Total Points Description
Introduction 24 24 Practice assignments to introduce you to the course structure
Problem Sets 9 on each 72 Top 8 scores from 9 problem sets
Flipgrid Post 15 on each 120 Top 8 scores from 9 discussion posts
Flipgrid Replies (Pair) 12 for pair 96 Top 8 scores from 9 pairs of discussion replies
Synthesis Questions 18 on each 144 Top 8 scores from 9 synthesis question assignments
Learning Reflections 8 on each 96 Top 12 scores from 9 unit reflections and 5 exam reflections
Exams 138 on each 552 4 exams
Exam Revision Project Exam revisions to earn points back on exam scores 
End of Semester Reflection 96 96 Thoughtful reflection about the semester
Total 1200 Possible points

Grading Scale

Grade Points Percentage Performance
4.0 1116 to 1200 93 to 100% Excellent Work
3.5 1044 to 1115 87 to 92% Nearly Excellent Work
3.0 972 to 1043 81 to 86% Very Good Work
2.5 900 to 971 75 to 80% Good Work
2.0 828 to 899 69 to 74% Average Work
1.5 756 to 827 63 to 68% Below Average Work
1.0 684 to 755 57 to 62% Poor Work
0.0 0 to 683 0 to 56% Failing Work

Viewing Grades

Grades will always be available on the D2L gradebook. Discussions and learning reflection grades are based on participation and will be posted as promptly as possible. Grading for these assignments is based on a serious attempt at answering the question. The answer does not need to be correct to receive points. Answers for the problem sets and synthesis questions will be given in the review videos. The multiple-choice portion of the exams will be automatically graded but will not be available to students until after the exam closes. Short answers will be graded by hand and will not be completed until the day after the exam.

Any grading questions or concerns should be addressed as soon as possible. At most, questions about grades should be submitted within one week of the grade being posted to D2L

Work Submission Policy

The teamwork nature of this course requires that students keep up to date with their assignments and actively engage in the activities. Since the review videos open immediately after the assignment’s due date, late work cannot be accepted. One problem set, one Flipgrid post, one pair of Flipgrid replies, one synthesis question, two learning reflections, and one exam will be dropped to accommodate the occasional issue that arises.

Sometimes, though, life gets complicated. In the case that one dropped assignment is not sufficient, please review the guidelines for excuses absences below.

Excused Absences

Illness or Injury

Email me if will be missing the exam/assignment prior to the start of the exam day/due date. Within 24 hours of the missed exam/assignment, provide me with a note from a medical provider that states your name, the name and address of the healthcare provider, the date you were seen, a statement excusing you from classwork for the date you missed for medical reasons, and a signature of the healthcare provider. Notes stating that you were seen but not excused will not be accepted. I recognize that it can sometimes be difficult to see a medical provider on short notice, but this policy is in place to create fairness for all students. If it is impossible for you to obtain documentation, please contact me via your private discussion forum.

Bereavement due to death in the family or similar tragedy

Email me if you will be missing the exam/assignment prior to the start of the exam day/due date. Within 48 hours of the missed exam/assignment, I should also receive an email notice from the Dean’s office that you have been approved for a grief absence. In order to request a grief absence, you must fill out the Grief Absence Request Form within 7 days of the event and provide the requested documentation.

Chronic health issues, physical disabilities, and learning disabilities

If you experience severe and chronic health issues, physical disabilities, or learning challenges that prevent you from completing assignments by the deadlines, we can attempt to devise a plan to help support you.

Please provide me with a VISA issued by RCPD. I am extremely willing and able to provide accommodations for students with such conditions, but a VISA is required in order to do so. Information regarding a VISA is kept confidential, and you will not be asked to provide personal health information related to the diagnosis. Students eligible for a VISA are HIGHLY encouraged to obtain one and provide it to me as soon as possible. If you have applied for a VISA but it has not been issued, please inform me, and send me the name of your RCPD advisor.