Course Schedule

The schedule is tentative and subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be announced ahead of time. Unless otherwise noted, all assignments are due at 11:59 pm Eastern Time on the due date.


Review Welcome Checklist

Due Date Assignment
Thurs, Sep 3 Intro Flipgrid post
Fri, Sep 4 Syllabus quiz, Flipgrid reply, Team assignment, Reflection assignment, Private chat to Dr. Henley and Nikhil

Exam 1 Content: Building Blocks

Unit 1: Neuron Function

Due Date Assignment
Sun, Sep 6 Problem Set
Tues, Sep 8 Flipgrid Post
Wed, Sep 9 Flipgrid Replies (2)
Thurs, Sep 10 Synthesis Questions
Sat, Sep 12 Unit Learning Reflection

Unit 2: Neuronal Communication

Due Date Assignment
Sun, Sep 13 Problem Set
Tues, Sep 15 Flipgrid Post
Wed, Sep 16 Flipgrid Replies (2)
Thurs, Sep 17 Synthesis Questions
Sat, Sep 19 Unit Learning Reflection

Exam 1: Units 1 and 2

Due Date Assignment
Tues, Sep 22 Exam due
Fri, Sep 25 Exam Learning Reflection

Exam 2 Content: Input / Output

Unit 3: Vision

Due Date Assignment
Sun, Sep 27 Problem Set
Tues, Sep 29 Flipgrid Post
Wed, Sep 30 Flipgrid Replies (2)
Thurs, Oct 1 Synthesis Questions
Sat, Oct 3 Unit Learning Reflection

Unit 4: Somatosensory and Chemical Senses

Due Date Assignment
Sun, Oct 4 Problem Set
Tues, Oct 6 Flipgrid Post
Wed, Oct 7 Flipgrid Replies (2)
Thurs, Oct 8 Synthesis Questions
Sat, Oct 10 Unit Learning Reflection

Unit 5: Motor

Due Date Assignment
Sun, Oct 11 Problem Set
Tues, Oct 13 Flipgrid Post
Wed, Oct 14 Flipgrid Replies (2)
Thurs, Oct 15 Synthesis Questions
Sat, Oct 17 Unit Learning Reflection

Exam 2: Units 3, 4, and 5

Due Date Assignment
Tues, Oct 20 Exam due
Fri, Oct 23 Exam Learning Reflection

Exam 3 Content: Systems I

Unit 6: Stress

Due Date Assignment
Sun, Oct 25 Problem Set
Tues, Oct 27 Flipgrid Post
Wed, Oct 28 Flipgrid Replies (2)
Thurs, Oct 29 Synthesis Questions
Sat, Oct 31 Unit Learning Reflection

Unit 7: Social and Sexual Behavior

Due Date Assignment
Sun, Nov 1 Problem Set
Tues, Nov 3 Flipgrid Post
Wed, Nov 4 Flipgrid Replies (2)
Thurs, Nov 5 Synthesis Questions
Sat, Nov 7 Unit Learning Reflection

Exam 3: Units 6 and 7

Due Date Assignment
Tues, Nov 10 Exam due
Fri, Nov 13 Exam Learning Reflection

Exam 4 Content: Systems II

Unit 8: Emotions

Due Date Assignment
Sun, Nov 15 Problem Set
Tues, Nov 17 Flipgrid Post
Wed, Nov 18 Flipgrid Replies (2)
Thurs, Nov 19 Synthesis Questions
Sat, Nov 21 Unit Learning Reflection

Unit 9: Learning and Memory

Due Date Assignment
Sun, Nov 29 Problem Set
Tues, Dec 1 Flipgrid Post
Wed, Dec 2 Flipgrid Replies (2)
Thurs, Dec 3 Synthesis Questions
Sat, Dec 5 Unit Learning Reflection

Exam 4: Units 8 and 9

Due Date Assignment
Tues, Dec 8 Exam due
Fri, Dec 11 Exam Learning Reflection

Exam Revision Project

Due Date Assignment
Thurs, Dec 17 Exam Revision Project

End of Semester Reflection

Due Date Assignment
Thurs, Dec 17 End of semester reflection