Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in this course?

All non-Neuroscience major juniors and seniors who have completed the two semester biology series (BS 161 / 162 or LB 144 / 145) are able to enroll. Neuroscience majors should enroll in the two semester series NEU 301 / 302.

I have an RCPD Accommodation Letter that allows me a course accommodation. What do I do with it?

Have your RCPD Advisor send me (mcgove14 @ your Accommodation Letter as soon as possible, and we will work together to make sure the course runs smoothly for you.

Why am I teaching myself all the content?


Can I share course information with other people or upload to tutoring websites?


As members of a learning community, students are expected to respect the intellectual property of course instructors. All course materials presented to students are the copyrighted property of the course instructor and are subject to the following conditions of use:

Students may not post recordings or other course materials online or distribute them to anyone not enrolled in the class without the advance written permission of the course instructor and, if applicable, any students whose voice or image is included in the recordings.

Commercialization of lecture notes and university-provided course materials is not permitted in this course.
Any student violating the conditions described above may face academic disciplinary sanctions, including receiving a penalty grade in the course.